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Delivering Swim Spas for over 13 years

We were the first to introduce Swim Spas to the UK and Ireland. We have an extensive range of European and American manufactured Swim Spas to suit all purposes, high spec and sensibly priced.

Imagine having an aquatic gym at your home, ready to use 24/7. No drive to the gym, no queuing for equipment, no waiting for a swim lane, just slip into the temperature ready, crystal clear water of your very own In-Fit Swim Spa. Aquatic exercise is the best possible way to get fit while avoiding stress on joints and bones.

Start with a leisurely warm up swim or row workout, or hit the high switch and go for it! No matter what your level, once the In-Fit becomes part of your routine, you’ll find yourself pushing a little harder and feeling better month after month. After all this exercise don’t forget to wind down with a hydro-massage, let the pulsating jets sooth away any remaining aches and pains.

In-Fit exercise pools are designed to improve the quality of your everyday life whether you are an aspiring athlete or simply want to increase your flexibility and endurance, you and your family will thrive together in an In-Fit exercise pool.

Every in-fit swim spa comes with the following features as standard:

  • One to three powerful river jets (depending on model), each driven by an independent pump, which can be adjusted to any swimmer’s level or technique.
  • A stabilizing jet helps keep the swimmer centred in the pool while the lane markers and swim channel LEDs give you a visual guide as you swim.
  • A Swim-tether System provides added resistance or increased support for novice swimmers.
  • Rowing seats and exercise equipment to work your core, shoulders and arms, as well as resistance band to allow 90 different exercises
  • With plenty of room to splash or relax, including a lounger and three seats, your In-Fit will quickly become an aquatic escape for the entire family to enjoy.

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